Kori Lammers, O.MSC

Kori Lammers
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

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It’s my goal with every patient I treat to provide quality individualised treatment using the structural alignment of the body to improve its overall function. 

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle, education on how to care for your body are some aspects I hold in high regard within my personal practice. The capability of the human body is undefinable and with Osteopathy, it proves the self-healing and regulating mechanisms with which our bodies possess.

At Epione health, we believe in the power of education and empowerment, giving you the confidence and knowledge to make informed health decisions so your body can heal. Together, we will create a treatment plan personalized for you based on your unique presentation and needs. 

Kori provides treatment based on her understanding of Osteopathic Principles and not individual techniques. Therefore the way in which she assesses her patients and integrates patient management, duration, frequency and choice of technical application is a distinctive aspect of her practice and patient care.

“Osteopathic Manual Therapy follows a set of principles and emphasizes the interrelationship between the alignment of structure and the function of the body. Intrinsically, Osteopathy believes in the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate..”

Hello! My Name is Kori and I am a licensed Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (OMP). I recently received my Master of Practice Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Sciences (M.OMSc) from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Following my undergraduate education at Western University, obtaining a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with Honours.

A little about my health journey

I have always strived to follow an active and healthy lifestyle. So pursuing a career in the healthcare field was inevitable.

I stumbled upon Osteopathy when recovering from a knee and shoulder injury in University. I was skeptical at first as I had never heard of Osteopathy. However my injuries kept recurring and the care I was receiving was just not working for me. After a few treatments from an OMP I got lasting results that I had never experienced before and from that moment on I knew that Osteopathy was the career path I wanted to pursue..

My areas of interest include:

  • Concussions and whiplash
  • Painful periods
  • Sciatic and low back pain 
  • TMJ
  • Headaches, Migraines and Sinus issues
  • Injury recovery – joint and soft tissue (tendon, ligaments)
  • Digestive issues and visceral manipulation 
  • Overall wellbeing and posture support for longevity in sport and life

Kori is highly educated in the study of Classical Osteopathy. During her 4 years in the program, Kori completed more than 4200 hours of supervised education, and 1000 hours of supervised practical training in the student clinic; making her a certified Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in Ontario, and a professional member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA).


What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy follows the theory that imbalances in the human structure contribute to the development and maintenance of disease.

As a form of manipulative therapy, Osteopathic treatment is not restricted to one area but instead treats the body as a complex whole, with each treatment being unique to the individual patient.

What does an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner do?

Your OMP will use a variety of therapeutic manual techniques dictated by their understanding of Osteopathic principles, and the structural individuality of each patient. Through manual manipulation an OMP can influence all areas of the body to optimize the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate. Osteopathic manipulative treatment is used as a means to facilitate normal mechanisms by addressing areas of tissue strain, stress or dysfunction that may impede normal neural, vascular or lymphatic flow.

Who can benefit from Osteopathy?

The gentle nature of treatment allows OMP’s to provide highly specialized care for the following:

  • Treatment for musculoskeletal pain including bone, muscle, nerve, and joint injury
  • Management of internal ailments relating to digestive issues, cardio-respiratory conditions, and neurologic disorder
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Muscular tension and spasm
  • Joint/tissue mobility & injury support
  • Postural imbalances
  • Scoliosis support
  • Nerve pain and dysfunction (Ex: Sciatic pain, Carpel Tunnel, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Radial/Ulnar nerve entrapment, etc )
  • TMJ issues
  • Headaches & Migraines & Sinus issues
  • Circulatory issues
  • Painful periods
  • Digestive Issues and visceral support
  • Concussion relief
  • Stress & general wellbeing
What to expect for your first treatment?

Your Osteopathic practitioner will first speak with you about your health history and any current conditions you have. We will then proceed with a hands-on assessment to begin to understand how your body is moving and how we can help. We will render an individualized treatment that may involve the gentle manipulation of the fascia, muscles, and joints of your body. We will then discuss an individualized treatment plan for your specific case and will continue to re-evaluate these goals at all of your following appointments to ensure your health and progress is at the forefront.

Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing to your appointments. There is also the opportunity to change at the clinic if you need to bring a change of clothes.

Is Osteopathic Manual Therapy covered under insurance?

Yes! Most insurances cover OMP. Unfortunately however we cannot provide direct billing for OMP services at this time but you can submit your receipt to your insurance company to get reimbursed.