Cranial Sacral Therapy


Brigitta Ziemba
Craniosacral Therapist & Post-Concussion care

Cranial Sacral Therapy has its roots in osteopathic medicine and has often been called ‘massage for your nervous system’.

Our central nervous system, brain and spinal cord, is interconnected to the craniosacral system, the membranes and fluid that bathe, protect and nourish our brain and spinal cord.

The therapist assesses for restrictions and facilitates tissue release to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve circulation to the underlying tissues. This gentle, hand-on therapy is performed over the clothing.

Through light touch of the craniosacral system deep tissues can be accessed and self-healing of the tissues can be enhanced.

Some of the conditions Craniosacral Therapy is used to address:

  • Concussion and post-concussion syndrome
  • Chronic neck and back pain ie whiplash
  • Post surgical dysfunction
  • Headaches and migraines
  • TMJ syndrome 
  • Stress, anxiety and tension-related disorders
  • And many more!

While some conventional doctors are skeptical of this method, there’s lots of proof that it works. Anecdotes abound and just three to five sessions often give astonishing results.

The Epione Advantage

Brigitta works hand in hand with our ND’s. This means you get the best in integrative care, a healthcare team, lots of support, less confusion, faster results and personalized treatments based on your testing results and clinical expertise of the ND’s. 

Are you sick of feeling sick?

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