Our Approach

What Epione Health stands for:​

1. Open, honest relationships with our patients that are built on mutual respect, empathic listening and regular communication – you and your health are at the centre of everything we do.

2. Treating the root cause and building solid health foundations on the five pillars of health: stress management, movement, sleep, nutrition, and community.

3. Health should be simple. Feeling healthy should be for life

4. Educating our patients on their health and including them in their healthcare decisions. This means we want you to feel safe exploring, educating yourself and asking questions about your life stage and over health concerns.

5. Never accepting a “you just need to live with it” approach to feeling and living healthy.

6. We believe that every person should advocate for healthcare. We advocate for and with you.


We offer a different kind of patient experience in comparison to conventional medical care. We believe in the importance of getting to the root cause of health issues, not just addressing symptoms.

“Health doesn’t happen by accident anymore – we need to work at it. But let’s be honest, it’s not about kale and exercise, it needs to be enjoyable to make it work. We get it. Health needs to be easy. So we make it easy.” – Dr. Véronique

By creating a space where our patients feel heard and empowered, we can support their healing and recovery journey in a long-term, sustainable way.

Our promise to you…

We will be honest in our assessments, treatment plans and recommendations around conventional and natural, holistic care needs.

We promise to give your voice a platform when seeking alternative health options – we will be your voice when needed. We believe in being your partner on your journey toward optimal health. 

 We encourage you to share and ask questions. We promise that we will provide you with a safe place to listen without judgement – always.

We promise to advocate alongside you as we create a community that lifts one another as we take control of our health and wellbeing – because that is who we are.

We promise to act with integrity in all that we do and ensure that our team provides safe and effective therapies. This means starting at the foundation, or the core of your health concerns, supporting you through the process, as well as providing easy strategies for long-term health – because feeling great is a lifetime goal, not a “right-now” fix.

We understand that your are unique, and our team will take the necessary time to work with you and discuss treatment options that best fit you.
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