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ElaSpa uses cutting edge technology and the most potent active organic ingredients to create fast-acting formulas that deliver visible results. ElaSpa products are tested in independent dermatological labs to ensure efficacy. Ingredients are from sustainable sources. The packaging is recyclable. In a world that is changing quickly, ElaSpa consistently offers safe and effective skin solutions, conscious of our environment and our global


anti-aging cream forte

An ultra-moisturizing elixir, this unique formula is crafted to combat the effects of time, reduce the signs of aging, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. With each use, active ingredients are deeply absorbed and remarkable results are instantly visible.

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lactobionic acid cream

Naturally exfoliating, yet gentle, the one-of-a-kind cream works to banish acne marks, smooth skin, and enhance elasticity. Skin is silky soft, restored, and glowing.

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gentle bamboo exfoliator

While other formulas use crushed rice or pits of fruits that can result in micro-scratches, the bamboo spheres in this smoothing formula are all round and equal in size to refine texture, without damaging skin.

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hyaluronic acid 2 in 1

This next-generation hyaluronic acid offers not one but two types of hyaluronic acid molecules for the most effective wrinkle filling power available. This ground-breaking effect supports a youthful skin cell matrix, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and powerfully lifts and plumps skin.

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rejuvenating stem cell mask

Advanced anti-aging skincare at its finest, this mask is infused with potent grape stem cells to enhance elasticity, combat sagging skin due to aging, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The youth enhancing mask goes to work instantly to target the source of skin aging for vibrantly healthy, lifted, firm skin.

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clean & pure cream/serum

Perfect for acne-prone skin, including adult acne, this daily cream with rich botanical extracts goes to work to purify, tone, and clear skin for a bright, healthy complexion.

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Organic purity

We ensure true experiential results by providing products made from natural, carefully selected premium ingredients, that are scientifically proven, ethically sourced and manufactured to the highest environmental standards.
elaspa skincare products are manufactured in the European Union where over 1,300 ingredients are banned from being used in personal care products, while only 11 of them are banned in the US.
elaspa products are vegan and are not tested on animals.
NO parabens, synthetic colorants and perfume, mineral oils, paraffins, pegs, radiated ingredients, GMO, synthetic silicon oils, skin-irritating minerals, materials derived from animals, nano- particles.

Scientific results

elaspa skincare line features proprietary formulations scientifically developed to deliver the highest visible results and to target all major skin conditions without causing inflammation or irritation to the skin. Created using over 150 active ingredients, and utilizing advanced, laboratory tested methods, all products are rich in potent plant extracts to bring an invigorating boost to the skin along with an unparalleled anti-aging effect.
elaspa complete line of face and body cosmetics has been designed to be safe and effective without harmful preservatives and synthetic chemicals.

Biodegradable airless packaging

ElaSpa advanced packaging utilizes the airless system which ensures that oxygenation is prevented, hence there is no need for harmful preservatives. We constantly improve every aspect of our products to ensure that there is minimal effect on the environment. elaspa packaging is recyclable or comes from recycled materials, does not contain BPA, while the energy needed to produce our packaging comes from renewable sources. In addition, during the production process, carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere. Our packaging has various certificates – including ECO CERT airless packaging, and also “I’M GREEN” status for it’s sugar cane inner tubes.

Lamellar structure of creams forte

ElaSpa creams forte are based on lamellar structure which imitates the structure and functioning of the skin allowing for the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin and nourish it from within. The creams absorb immediately and have a light consistency. They are a perfect base for applying makeup without clogging the pores or creating a heavy film on your skin while providing protection against the external stresses.

With the highest concentration of synergetic organic active ingredients

ElaSpa delivers the ultimate anti-aging results. Backed by 20 years of research and created by an international multi-disciplinary team of experts our luxurious products combine innovative technology, long standing European tradition in esthetics, and the most potent active ingredients sourced from carefully selected sustainable and pristine ecosystems around the world.

Vegan product

In setting new standards for professional skincare, we consciously avoid using ingredients of animal origin, except for 4 products that include beeswax. We adhere to the principle of Beauty without Cruelty; elaspa products are not tested on animals.

In short: ElaSpa uses superior quality ingredients, scientifically based system to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin and doesn’t cause skin irritation. 

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